Double G Flexin

[youtube=] I’m flexin right nah….bahrumpbahrummy choppa double G mobsta smoke like rasta plez pass me the vodka live like gansta life like shotta get alotta guala money and the power DOUBLE G FLEXXIN DOUBLE G FLEXXIN DOUBLE G FLEXXIN WE DOUBLE G FLEXXIN!!!! Bout time I heard some good hood shit. They even got lil buddy in […]

Shen Ring

Somebody told me; I think it was my Pa’ that there aint nothing new under the sun. The Shen Ring was used in Kemet (Egypt) by the Pharaohs way before electric bills and Benjamin Franklin. The Shen Ring is a hieroglyphic that represents eternity. Check out the video for more info [youtube=]   Become more intact with the […]

@Chip216 A Crime

[youtube=] All this good music thesse niggas be dropping… outta be a crime but that’s just how it is, gotta rock with it as long as we can lol. This shit dope tho…got me feeling like I’m riding through the city with my big bra back in the 90’s on some real Hip Hop shit […]