Niggas in a Good light

I put the nigga in the title so the ignorant could hear me.

I can think back from all the times I watched the news and I can’t remember ever seeing some good news especially about black people AND DAMN GIT DON’T EVEN LOOK 15 TO BEGIN WITH!!!



This for everybody that be talking about doing something all the time but never put shit into action.

At Wally-World IT GOES DOOWN #BlackFriday

Sir what where you thinking lmao you can’t fuck with the police after thanksgiving! NOOOOO before that cop went to work YOU KNO he ate DAMN GOOD!, 9 times outta 10 caught the itis, took a nap then woke up ready for that action.

Lol but damn i wonder what fool was doin?? ???

Tracklist to the Soundtrack

01 Smokin’ On f. Juicy J
02 I Get LIfted
03 You Can Put It In A Zag, I’mma Put It In A Blunt
04 6:30
05 Talent Show
06 Let’s Go Stufy
07 Young, Wild & Free f. Bruno Mars
08 OG f. Curren$y
09 French Inhale f. Mike Posner
10 It Could Be Easy
11 World Class
12 That Good