I hope they hear you too bruh..

Light always shine in the dark, like we used to sang in “chuuch”THIS LIL LIGHT OF MIIINE lol but what I’m trying to say is you can’t hide the truth but for so long. Other than J.cole and Booise I relate to this man stories the most outta all them boys out the south. “I stay rich cuz the bank aint where my fortune at” “this that anthem for them hunger pains” @Dee1music  these quotes hit hard like the truth. Besides @BIGKRIT I’m not hearing that good good that “The Man” *Wink Wink* doesn’t what us to hear on the track. He’s delivering the message niggas need to hear like when Tupac first came out before Death-row records. This here is Deeper than Rap but this aint no Rick Ross this that @dee1music pointing out the hidden issues that can’t be seen with the ignorant eye and exposing the unknown enemy”. Then you got Mr. funky fingers on the production @manniefresh always holding it down for the nappy heads.” Physically we free but we still some mental slaves” that statement is so   they let us go, but keep our minds the only way to free your mind is with knowledge. Once you get out of the cage you can’t help but go back for your brethren. If this hit your soul or made you question yourself gon’ head download the whole tape below eat that up its good #foodforthought.




Who you rocking with this season? My team is Orlando but I like to watch certain players so I guess I gotta rock with the Clippers this season cuz” I fucks with CP3.


Man I was about change that shit at first because the southern ear was initially displeased by the beat,but I let that thang play and I noticed SHE GOT ALOT ON HER BEHIND,*hand over mouth* like DEEEMMMMNN!!! *chuckles* The Creativy level was on 1000, I laughed, wanted to dance, wanted grab shawty pull her through the computer screen and was still digging the track! #IFUCKSWITIT!! The track below is dope too check it shawty got that gift to gab