Makes your sand castle look petty

Simple incredible sand sculpture! I love the view but It would quince the thirst in my heart if I could be apart of the destruction of this if it was at the beach. I would lOoOve that ha ha ha…

@MosDefOfficial Made You Die

There’s more that we can do as a people besides rallying and protesting. We need to have more organization within the community and take more responsibility for ourselves instead of waiting for the government to do it for us. They were appointed here to protect our natural rights but instead they’ve taken them.

Battle of Puebla and Cinco De Mayo

Getting totally wasted today? I know the fights on today but, have you stopped and ever thought about what actually happened on that day? Your probably thinking; who gives a fuck ! IT’S A CELEBRATION! I used to be the same way until I noticed how much the media started putting so much emphasis on holidays, it just makes me wonder and shit that’s my money I’m spending on a event that didn’t take place here in the first place. But I feel that you should at least know about the history of these events instead of blatantly boosting the profits of companies that don’t do a damn thing for you and me.