@MrTakeYaLady Bout it

This my nigga breeze aka @Mrtakeyalady putting it down for South Apopka all day with the slow jam. Make sure your speakers are on point for this bass heavy slow jam that hits hard but feels so good when it hits your ears.

#shoutouts 2 my round from the hometown #shoutouts 2 Apopka, South Apopka, Orlando, Altamonte, Crime Hills, Ocoee.

@WorldClasSuperb This is for My Ridahz

Yo this is “Concrete” I’m saying that cuz I been falling off my board a lot lately and this **** go hard just like the CONCRETE GOT ****!! Except when music hit you you feel no pain. The beat is on point and the Master P sample got this song jammin. This is the second track from @WorldClassSuperb ‘s Ep “New Beginning” dropping in May

#shoutouts 2 @Olly_Primo on the beat that **** was o so #dope

Check out world Class Supremes For that doe 

@Ron_slyda Come On

@Ron_Slyda Over that Sounds Of Success Bands do you still care tune. New aged pimpin right here. The video goes right along with the song very creative.