I be like OoOh Yeaa!!! lol

This is a little session I recorded at the homie @Dvocals1 crib in LA. I was surprised that everybody could sing. It was a random jam session but it was on point though I think. But let me know what you think go ahead and drop a comment.

Migos ft @Drake Versace

You know it immediately when its @zaytovenbeatz on the track, I mean he’s the whole reason this tracks hot! Drake been in the south boy!! Ever since started from the bottom…now this ayye its kool with me!

@logicmc Adventures in Hip-Hop


DOOOOPE!! This tape is on point yo! It has that early 90’s laid back sound. This is what the underground sounds like to me in my ears. Logic mc Adventures in Hip-Hop, blends beats, rhymes, and life, alongside 2 turntables, and a mic! Hosted by Terror Squad front man/ hip-hop icon, Fat Joe, and mixed entirely by 2-time scratch champion, red cup dj, Dj Volume! Adventures in Hip-Hop, embraces the true essence of the culture, representing that real hip-hop!