Plenty Of Fish !

Before you start trippin’ and getting emotional about that one that did you something” remember there’s Plenty of fish in the sea



Delaware producer Mook releases “YO MOOK!”, a compilation mixtape that features some of Delaware’s up and coming artist over production handled in majority by Himself. This compilation is to display work of the #BetterBreed producer and a culture that’s is consistently growing in Delaware. Much more to come from Mook. Enjoy your listen #BetterBreed #IncreaseThePeace #DirtyDelaware

@BuntyBeats @Chox_Mak910

Chox-MakĀ is back again with another single titled “#Bound”
which is a track that was switched up by Bunty Beats from Kanye West’s
recently released single. This single Chox-Mak tells a deep story of his
personal life to keep that relationship with his fans.

#GabbyJane First Move

Check out shawty I met on the bus. She got a couple jams in her repertoire but this one right here is timeless!! A Classic

Prod by @macmeezie