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Finally got time to check out Talen Ted’s Beat Tape! Ima’ #beat junkie myself! I love to #freestyle! Got the gift to gab along with the vocab but I aint serious about it though… Anyway Ted is the guy with it if you looking for greatness in the form of #beats! He got em for the LOW LOW too! So get em while their cheap!
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#Alpha @JamieHancock_

Concrete lyrics for the spirit, delivery to keep ya attention, the beats are on point, and this guy has the passion to make it happen! You can hear it in the lyrics!

#shoutouts !! 

Mixed by @kangofthecrew


@urchrismorris #HipHop Fell in Love With Me

@djkhaled said it first and Chris Morris is another example why we say here in #FLORIDA that WE THE BEST!!! Coming out of the bottom of tha bottom West Palm Beach, Florida is Chris Morris with that soulful flow for your ear! So It’s a must that your audio device is that top quality gear so you can REALLY FEEL IT! Remember you aint listening to SHIT! if your speakers aint on point!