So Tough 1994 @BumpyKnuckles

That Motivational Sound…That Hip Hop Sound from tha undaground! MAKING YA HEAD ROCK!!! Back when Rappers where EMCEE’S (Master of Ceremony) Do you hear them lyrics!! That’s that real life SHIT!
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WIDE ASS OPEN ! Trygah Tryg! thats my people coming out of Lil Haiti down there in Mi-YAYO (Miami). This guy is one of the best rapper’s I know spitting what he live. His energy is mad crazy, you can hear it when he raps and it’s amplified when he’s on stage or when he hanging out free-styling. His delivery when he raps is TIGHT…that KARL MALONE WHAT I CALLS IT! His flow compliments the beat while he painting a picture in your head. This my people’s so gone check out his tunes on soundcloud and all that other stuff…HE GOT THEM JAMS! Continue reading “Blow It @TRYGAHTRYG101”