The fire is out of control

It’s a lotta shit goin down right now, more and more is coming out the dark and the truth is in your face. Take a deep breath and listen to what I know as “gospel” meaning that *preacher voice* GOOD WORD!!! according to the pastor in one of them church’s I used to go to. That Marley always light that fire and cool you off at the same time especially if you got the blessed herb to complement them good vibes in your ear.

Through the fire of the times make chess moves…. NO CHECKER MOVES DON’T JUMP ON IT! THINK YO! Find the root of the problems today, pick one and they will all lead to the same stem. The BAR Association…
All n all u see a gwan*going* is the fight against the rasta man
So they build their world n great confusion
To force on us the devils
But the stone that the builder refuse
Shall be the head cornerstone,
And no matter what game they play,
Eh, we got something they could never take away;
We got something they could never take away:

And it’s the fire (fire), it’s the fire (fire)
That’s burning down everything:
Feel that fire (fire), the fire (fire);
Only the birds have their wings, yeah!
No time to be deceived.
Oh, brothers, you should
and not believe

Who am I? @SaRocThemc @THEREALBANNER

Who R U do you know? Your history is that missing link, that empty hole that need feeling, that open scar that been open for centuries and it’s bout time that much needed healing.
As was in the beginning of hip hop it will return to that Revolutionary Lyrical Black conscious SHIT! TEACH!

Those R MY Ancestors!

Hotep! Give thanks n Praises 2 the ancestors! They aint have no 12 disciples, they aint turn water n2 no wine, they aint walk on no water, they aint bring sight to no blind people or hearing to the mute. But they built the strongest economy the world’s ever seen picking cotton. They laid down the railroad tracks that bring you your food and supplies throughout the land. They brought you the technology and luxuries you use today. They brought you the toilets, the sinks and the showers you use to wash yo ass! They cultivated the land you get your food from. They invented the traffic lights you stop at. They brought you the shea butter that’s in every beauty product. They brought law and order the government abuses and misuses. They brought culture to the world when man was savage. They aint die for our sins but they were¬†crucified! “THEY” Thats Plural meaning more than ONE! MANY WERE CRUCIFIED! NO TIME WASTED! NO CARRYING OF NO CROSS AT ALL! CRUCIFIED BY NOOSE ON A TREE BECAUSE OF A ATTEMPT TO BE FREE! They died seeking something they may have never known…physically freedom. They became an example recorded in time of what happens to the righteous rebels seeking that light at the end of the path to dis-encourage the rest of us with freedom on the mind. Now its a new day and many of us are still in bondage mentally and it is the duty of those that have broken those bonds to break the shackles of those that are not. I am my brothers keeper….my mind has been emancipated by my brethren for we all can not do it alone. GIVE THANKS 2 THE ANCESTORS! EMANCIPATE YOURSELF N YOUR PEOPLE WITH KNOWLEDGE! HOW LONG WILL YOU WAIT FOR THEIR FICTICIOUS CHARACTER TO RETURN TO SAVE YOU! WE MUST SAVE EACHOTHER! EACH ONE TEACH ONE!