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Bush, Obama, and the majority of the cousins are related. They run against each other giving the illusion of competition though whether one party wins or loses they still win. United they stand divided we fall. A nation of leaders is better than having a few leaders with a nation of followers. I don’t mind taking the responsibility…….are you??

#Revolution @CrownPrinceDEB

If you #vibe with @bobmarley but aren’t aware of any other great #reggae artist then press play. At one point I myself got tired of hearing the same popular artist’s and branched off to #reggae. What I call #gospelmusic cuz in church they defined it as the “good word”, the word of the truth!!!
#shoutouts 2 my #caribbean #island family that put me up on the blessed #reggae music

What It Is To Be @sop_uk

London band State of Play are loud and proud, and ready to distinguish the myth of no genre crossing and break all boundaries down!

The first single from State of Play’s forthcoming EP, ‘What it is to Be’ lyrically charts the rise of human kind, from hunter gatherer to the most technologically advanced and dominant species (for better or worse) on earth today.

Already quite a departure from your usual pop/hip hop themes. This concept builds momentum throughout the track, which is mirrored musically as the song evolves from a spacious and ethereal XX-esq groove, to a full on, driving, distorted riff in the second verse.

Finally it crescendo’s in a cacophonic wall of sound, as singer Missy McAnulty’s soaring vocals echo the earlier themes of Anthony’s verses in a melodious flurry that sits on top of the thrashing drums and guitars.

I am sure you will agree it is a powerful record from State of Play that grips you tight until the last chord plays.

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We only fuks wit those that spit it how they live!!! I can hear studio gangsters as soon as I press play, real recognize real. Afterthahigh got the REAL over here! We analyze and never compromise!!!

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Yall know u be on that telecommunication device lookin’ at them females on #instagram like DEMMN!!! *presses like button* like like like like like like like like..*switches 2 #facebook* like like like like…lol

Its time for us to really get wit it #2pac #Tupac #TupacShakur

Rare interview with┬áTupac about his experience growing up with his given name, African culture and how it affects “blacks” in America.
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"Scarlet Letter" @DivineSunsMusic @anonymoustheory @PlexLong @HunchPunchChamp @DanJohnny5

There was once a time when #HipHop was not widely popular. Since it was only available in limited markets and under crazy time slots; fans became musical survivalists equipped with backpacks and cassette tapes, hell-bent on capturing any stray musical morsel falling to the ground. At the crossroads of Franz Kafka and Nathaniel Hawthorne, Divine Suns document the evolution of the emcee and their unyielding commitment to the craft.