Tha Gregorian Calendar

Since the British have dominance over the earth RIGHT NOW! They can and have rearranged damn near everything! Along with flipping the map upside down they have also changed the calendar so long ago if you haven’t thought to question the age of the earth you will ride on the train of thought that time is REAL and the earth has only been around for 2016 years! Question EVERYTHING MY FRIENDS! FUCK HOW YOU’VE KNOWN THESE PEOPLE THAT GIVE DEADUCATION OR RELIGION! MAKE THEM BACK UP AND SUPPORT THEY MAGIC CARPET FLOATING ASS THESIS STATEMENT! 1st there was The Julian calendar brought to you by Julius Caesar in 45 BCE. Then it was changed in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII currently known as The Gregorian Calendar or the Christian Calendar which the majority of the people follow to this day! Time is not real! Digg deep and you will realize there is no beginning or end.

The Becoming @iciemusic

Now-a-dayz! Due to capitalism the small thinking box of society determines a man based off how much “MONEY”(fiat debt based illusion currency) one accumulates. You can’t help but see them BILLS in the video! In my perspective this tune voices the frustration of the males around the world on the hamster wheel living under corporate dominance in the debt based economy of the new age of mental slavery. Men get a LOAD of criticism from the women and the effeminized males as well! It’s good to hear a song coming out on the defense!

#IngleWAV @DonDiestrO

Aye as a southern boi I’m loving what’s coming out the #West! Especially INGLEWOOD! This is FUNKY! This got that Chill kick back Cali vibe for real! This is definitively worth ya ears! Gone head’ #pressplay on this one!
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#ZikaVirus #Hoax

#Control by fear! That is False evidence appearing real! The World Health Organization has declared the mosquito borne virus known as Zika an international emergency. Words have power, they move people by the masses. The words virus and emergency cause ones blood to rush especially when used together in the same sentence by big corporation with the title “World Health Organization”. This is followed by vaccines that contain the ACTUAL VIRUS being giving out to the blind fearful innocent which is the goal! DEPOPULATION! They want people to take vaccines DUHHH!! LETS GET WITH IT PEOPLE! DON’T JUST LOOK AT A NEWS HEADLINE & SOAK IT IN! LOOK INTO IT DO SOME RESEARCH! LOOK AT HISTORY NOTICE THE PATTERNS ! GOT DAMN!

Zion Train #Quote @BobMarley

Happy Bearthday to tha ancestor! Damn near everybody and they momma momma MOMMA know who Bob Marley is! But did his music impact you? Have you ever dipped back in time and checked out some of his albums like Uprising, Survival, Babylon by Bus or African Herbsman? I ask this because if you ever listened to songs like “Zion Train” that line “2000 years of history” really makes you interested in what he’s talking about and makes you question what you’ve been exposed to in American to the point where your looking for that 2000 years of history yourself. Go head’ dip back in time, check out Bob’s discography, there is much to be learned through his music as well as the positive vibe that will take over your spirit. One of my favorites that I play on the regular is “Zimbabwe”. What’s your favorite tune by Bob besides “Can you be Loved” or “I shot the sheriff”?

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I just heard this a few months back #Shoutouts to @RedLyteMusic I was on his timeline scrolling when I saw @dotdemomusic Redlyte my peoples so I had to click cuz he cosigned it! Redlyte stay with that #highgrademusic
#Afterthahigh we keeps tha #dopeness high potent for ya EEEEARRSS!!!
Directed by: @Alidope