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This here is similar to what I had playing on my mp 3 player back in the 90’s when y’all was still listening to CD’s!! Boi” them thing’s used to be super heavy and cost as much as video game consoles. But anyway’s THIS THAT 90’s FLOW!! #BREAKYAKNECK

@BuntyBeats @Chox_Mak910

Chox-Mak is back again with another single titled “#Bound”
which is a track that was switched up by Bunty Beats from Kanye West’s
recently released single. This single Chox-Mak tells a deep story of his
personal life to keep that relationship with his fans.

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Chox-Mak Ft. DJ YRS Jerzy - No Plan B

Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy! Going H.A.M. on the internet like its still thanksgiving! “#MakAttackMondays” starting in December! That means new tunes from the Mak every Monday.
Look out for that tape in the works called “Cross Colours And
Starter Jackets” scheduled to drop in 2014.