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"High Off You III" @_Wordsmiff_, @SanaLorraine, @JValentineNYC & @ReQCartier

Your my #Gena to my #Martin…..
This that #vibe
O so soulful brought to you by some of the BEST! Yes I said the best up there in #NewYork! I’m talking bout Req & Wordsmiff bringing substance over OBESE beats & sounds! If i’m wrong send me something better!!
“This that holyshit floating in the golden toilet”! WOOO!! that #goodstank!#potenttunes #highgradetunes
This will be played years n years from now! You can’t do that with alot of what they tryna call music right now! #CLASSIC MI SEH
@_Wordsmiff_, @SanaLorraine, @JValentineNYC & @ReQCartier

#ath #afterthahigh

@BakedPotatoDude EP. 6 "Required Carry"

I'm on It @_Wordsmiff_ @ReQCartier @DJmustard

These two together equals HEAT!! Bringing them lyrics back in style!!!

@BakedPotatoDude EP. 5 "Google Diaper"

@LogicMC @orionpaxxmusic "Rock On"

Keeping it all the way #HipHop


Rocket Ship @HustleMan5411

Prey @LogicMC @orionpaxxmusic

Young Gods @_Wordsmiff_ @ReQCartier

That beat make u wanna do Kung-Fu

Suicidal Fantasies @SAM_Glitch

Nice creative joint right CHEA!

#GunLaw @NarubiSelah