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“Unfriendly Reminder Tour” @BigSean @playboicarti

@MalleyDont My Neighborhood

“I’m in My neighborhood So my Paper good, You aint from my neighborhood stay outta my neighborhood!”

This **** so Gansta *Riley Voice*




O K we got some more quality street music for that ass with @DJ5150BR putting the stamp on this for the south. @MalleyDont is back at it again with some more jams for that 12’s in your trunk. Make sure your speakers are on point when your listening to this so you can get this best experience, trust me the beats on this tape go hard. If you like @WakaFlockaBSM, @BOOSIEOFFICIAL, @gucci1017 then you gon’ love this tape. I recommend this personally, this goes hard to the end and if you like this take make sure to check out the last tape @MalleyDont Mo $Money Mo Problems.

#Shoutouts @OMGItzLouT @iAmGwopGang

Heidi Ho! @MalleyDont Mo $Money Mo Problems



Coming out of O” HI” HO” lol, that laugh was for me lol; but anyways this is @MalleyDont Mo Money Mo Problems. They got a lot of @JohnnyJuliano on this thang and this guy @MalleyDont even did a couple of the tracks as well. This some of the best hood shit I heard in a while, like they all the jams on this bitch here boOoOoii (BigSean voice). Track One – The Giant; Niggas was in the car bouncing like, “Damn this just the intro! Track Four; Fed Nightmares…..you don’t want them nightmares boy. Track 6 -had niggas in the car laughing that shit was too funny; that nigga down the list on that one. Track 7 – Dicker Down is one the hoes gon’ love. Track 8 – Oww Bitch; thats what I #BENJAMIN in the whip the most you can say that’s my favorite song on the tape.

 But yea…..THIS TAPE GO HARD THAN A MOTHER F#$KER!!! Best believe “this some #exotic for the ears, make sure you got some for your lungs also before you play this.

#Shoutouts @OMGItzLouT @iAmGwopGang


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I kno…..I kno, I want some too!