Tree of life Break down of the spirit

An aspect about yourself that aint mentioned too often in this common era is the spirit. The spirit is associated with ones behavior which has different parts and is just as complex as the physical body if not more. A comprehension of the spirit brings one to a better comprehension and cohesion with the uni-verse. Ra Un Nefer Amen Founder of the Ausar Auset Society brings back the ancient knowledge of our ancestors as he breaks down the spiritual tree of life from a Kemetic (egyptian) point of view.

One response to “Tree of life Break down of the spirit

  1. With this new Tree of Life we have a real dynamic flow of divine energy throughout the Tree. We have already shown that each world is equally divided over the Tree, and each world has a triad. I have shown these triads in their traditional form, that is a pair of opposites create a third one, thus we have triangle that points downwards.

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