Simply titled: #Play dat shit while you read

[youtube=] Expanding my horizon back to my roots Searching for new music and old truth putting my ears in the dirt listening back in time to the raw sound of Djembe’s congo’s before the rhyme before my time I’m searching for something old but its new to me cuz I grew up without my-story all […]

@10iller n @Chuckisdope Candy Jams

If you ever heard Summer Nights off The Cool Kids Mixtape Tackle Box track #13 Tennille ( @10iller ) is the beautiful voice you hear singing the hook let the night fall, let the night fall; but if you haven’t for real…STOP PLAYING GO CHECK THAT SONG OUT……I L.O.V.E. that song THATS MY SHHHHIIT! Download […]

The ones with the doo doo smell ugghhhh

[youtube=]   Before I went to college I aint know about Fraternities, I went to college with two three things on my mind, Mo-Money, Freedom from my folks and Females Got Damn. I was commuting so I didn’t have the gas money to be going back and forth to school but I joined as many […]

@yunamusic “Live your Life” I can feel it in my Soul…for real….

[youtube=] [youtube=] Today, FADER Label announces the exclusive details for the full-length US debut by rising indie-songstress Yuna. The highly anticipated self-titled album will be released April 24th and features 13 original tracks produced by a who’s-who of today’s best music talent. Among the names are esteemed award-winning UK musician Chris Braide (Sia, Lana Del […]

Something Gotta Shake Open Your Eyes

[youtube=] I know whats going on, Corporate “Wink Wink” America is steady flooding your ears with distractions, propaganda, putting it in front of your eyes telling lies to your vision, telling lies through your phones but until you REAlize and wake up you aint shit but a legal fiction got damn! Don’t be a Dummy […]

O_o it aint that cold *looks from left to right* is it…

Last night the cold front hit in Florida where I stay at and this morning a friend of mines showed me this picture. I don’t usually put nobody on blast cuz that aint me but I don’t know the person SO HERE IT GO…..THIS TOO FUNNY FOOLY GOT ON A LEATHER JACKET AND ALL AND […]