Simply titled: #Play dat shit while you read

Expanding my horizon back to my roots
Searching for new music and old truth
putting my ears in the dirt listening back in time
to the raw sound of Djembe’s congo’s before the rhyme
before my time I’m searching for something old but its new
to me cuz I grew up without my-story all I knew was his-story
all my life a sheep I was prepped to be
Disobedient, Deviant,Criminal and felon they labeled me
the corner, detention and jail is where they placed me
told me something was wrong with me misbehaving in their society
but I aint nothing but a Panther Wise to they trickory
also a Lion and I’m going to be free
as a man I do as I please
No longer a slave in my on mind chasing senseless dollars on the lonely
Ima turn this shit upside down and make a way so me and homeys aint gotta be hungry
NO MO!!!

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Tell the #Truth to the People

they took erthing from a nigga but I still got that talk game, tongue go off like a flame penetrating yo small ass brain for our gain

OUR gain I aint SELFish nigga puttin ideas n yo head from the pages of books so u figure out wat a yung intelligent nigga from da south is bout

I flows in my vessel of knowledge during the drought cuz ya fail to trust what you can’t see but you flock to the distant advertising that U C on TV

TELL LIE VISION obeying the box, dumb ass folk don’t have enough money to pay attention or take effort to read what the cement is doing to ya knees, what the tobacco in the Swisher is doing to ya trees

But Ignorance is a bliss and you pay a WHOOOLE lot for it een’ if you dont know GOT DAMN! cuz if you don’t take the time to read you just go off Opinions and statistics and what you BELIeve  SO they aint go show you SHIT but whats on TV and continue to charge yO precious bliss

But this here! is free I talk that shit to them open ears with images and scenarios to open them eyes so that those Eyes can REAlize that Eli lived up to his name, HE lied

Just like America the land of the mental slaves, bonded by contracts dumb enough to sign they life away toO lazy to read the terms and conditions so they blind to the ventriloquism of the government that laugh at em as they give them hints and truths through movies and shows

But they don’t see nahh erbody just proceed with the proces and continue their bidding labeling themselves bitches niggas and hoes……DAMN WAKE…….THE…..FUCK….UP TELL THE TRUTH TO THE PEOPLE GOT DAMN!

#poetry #Rap #rythmandpoetry #poem #spokenword

@10iller n @Chuckisdope Candy Jams

If you ever heard Summer Nights off The Cool Kids Mixtape Tackle Box track #13 Tennille ( @10iller ) is the beautiful voice you hear singing the hook let the night fall, let the night fall; but if you haven’t for real…STOP PLAYING GO CHECK THAT SONG OUT……I L.O.V.E. that song THATS MY SHHHHIIT!


@Chuckisdope and friends on the track jamming in the background as Tennille compliments the track with her sweet voice. This shit Jammin THO! on some 1990’s rolling in ya jeep Aaliyah type vibe tho-like! I gotta give it a 10 outta 10, 2 thumbs up! just like that tight work from front to back aint een’ gotta skip a track. Straight music to your ears like the ball going in the hoop without touching the rim Nuttin but net baAaAaAaby “SWISH”!!

The ones with the doo doo smell ugghhhh


Before I went to college I aint know about Fraternities, I went to college with two three things on my mind, Mo-Money, Freedom from my folks and Females Got Damn. I was commuting so I didn’t have the gas money to be going back and forth to school but I joined as many clubs as I could. One of my peers saw my work effort and invited me to join a certain club. After I joined that club eventually the offer of the Omegas was put in front of me. Know they assumed that I knew what was going on which I didn’t and at that time I was down for whatever that would increase my chances of getting a career when I graduated. So in order to join you gotta learn about the shit and when I read that  the Omega’s where under the laws of the District of Columbia that set off a alarm in my head because I knew more about the District of Columbia than I knew about the Omegas at the time. That shit made me question joining this fraternization that others in college seemed so eager to join but I never got a chance to…..the most high had better plans for I and I.

@yunamusic “Live your Life” I can feel it in my Soul…for real….

Today, FADER Label announces the exclusive details for the full-length US debut by rising indie-songstress Yuna. The highly anticipated self-titled album will be released April 24th and features 13 original tracks produced by a who’s-who of today’s best music talent. Among the names are esteemed award-winning UK musician Chris Braide (Sia, Lana Del Rey) and GRAMMY-winning creative visionary Pharrell Williams, who produced the album’s current first single “Live Your Life”

Something Gotta Shake Open Your Eyes

I know whats going on, Corporate “Wink Wink” America is steady flooding your ears with distractions, propaganda, putting it in front of your eyes telling lies to your vision, telling lies through your phones but until you REAlize and wake up you aint shit but a legal fiction got damn! Don’t be a Dummy cuz a dummy needs a ventriloquist GOT DAMN! Are you Pinocchio or are you a REAL BOY think about that shit before they pull the strings on that ass! Shit bout to change and its happening real soon! Only WE! {WE} THE PEOPLE CAN CHANGE THIS SHIT NOT OBAMA NOT THE GOVERNMENT US!! UNITED WE STAND and DIVIDED WE FALL but it starts WITH YOU! LEARN WHAT THEY DIDNT TEACH YOU! FIND OUT THE SECRETS THAT THEY HIDING…

To the Womb of Man

To the Womb of Man in these last days you have equal opportunities but still you are oppressed by the man

Constantly abused by the sword of words but your cries are heard dont worry bout men with the brain of birds

Just let em flock and fly away you are much stronger than that my sister the right one will come some day

Yeen gotta open ya legs up to every one that comes your way

Dont be a potato chip Free 2 Lay cuz you just have one *ha ha*

Got damn you have burger king state of mind

Yo fruit is sweet n so is your mind

so why not have sex with minds before thighs collide

b4 you let him go down yo slide tell fooly there’s rules to THIS PLAYGROUND

Best put ya foot down or he gon’ smash n tell the whole town how he made yo do the moaning sound

And after that he is nowhere to be found

See Valentines is just the day out the year

And its up to you to find that soldier thats gon’ give it to u 365 mind body spirit soul and heart

its more than just sex cuz after that whats next or who

my sister my sisters GOT DAMN I miss yall what happened to the love

desensitized you’ve become one of the bra’s but I need your love to balance me

The Womb of the Man are the roots and MAN are the tree

yea u stand under me but you are the basics without you there couldn’t of been me



dont give in ma’ dont give in cuz now yall call yallselves the slander

Slaying yaself cut the foolishness out of ya life n find the love cuz its closer than you think

its right in front of ya eyes but yet u push em away dont want that skinny nigga wit brains

but ask the brawn’s to stay n let em muscle away til he tired yo ass n find another one as easy u

its a ferris wheel you on the same shit a different day another guy dont wanna stay

aint got no time for yo ass bottle emotions in yo glass jar

steady chasing them fancy cars hanging out with dem same broads feeling empty…………

HAPPY #valentines day yall #WAKE THE FUCK UP


O_o it aint that cold *looks from left to right* is it…

Last night the cold front hit in Florida where I stay at and this morning a friend of mines showed me this picture. I don’t usually put nobody on blast cuz that aint me but I don’t know the person SO HERE IT GO…..THIS TOO FUNNY FOOLY GOT ON A LEATHER JACKET AND ALL AND THE FUNNIEST PART IS THAT THEY IN MIAMI LMAO!!!!!!!!HELLL NAW *coughs* gh…etto..