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[youtube=https://youtu.be/2Pz5NicIqUE] Pull ya shovels out we diggin’ into the mind of Tahir RBG a.k.a. the pyramid kid of @RepatNation as we discuss his latest album “Hymns of the Whirlwind”, Divination tools, Repatriation, #Beyonce, #KendrickLamar and More! #blackpower #kemet #africa #egypt #hiphop #undergroundhiphop #Redblackgreen #Garviets #interview

Minds of Gold Digging with @IAMYRSJERZY

“In tha present, in tha right now September 2015 this expression of how we living through music which we call #HipHop, #Rap and overall music has a big influence on the peoples lives, up from they’re hair style down they’re shoe selection, even on choices they reason to choose whether it be positive or negative. […]

Origins of religion "Ausar Auset Heru"

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This past weekend me and my lil bro slid down to the ya-yo (Miami) for the Kings & Queens Concert presented by @Urban_Relations featuring Beenie Man, Lady Saw and Mad Cobra. I got a chance to see dancehall’s

At least they let you know they’re trying to kill you

While passing by American Apparel I noticed the warning sign. That shit crazy; YOU MEAN IF I WEAR THIS IMA GET CANCER NIQQA!! ** @Katt Williams voice ** and them clothes still flying out the store. What don’t cause cancer these days O_o And the messed up part aint that their clothes cause cancer it’s […]