@BakedPotatoDude EP. 7 "iDad"


@BakedPotatoDude EP. 6 "Required Carry"


@BakedPotatoDude EP. 5 "Google Diaper"


the fuk he b saying tho!? @youngthug LMAO!!!

[youtube=https://youtu.be/pnox8vZy5D4] “learn the words b4 u start saying the shit is THE SHIT”


[youtube=https://youtu.be/b900IZir0YE] She went up there 2 TES-TI-FY bout the goodness of campbell soup

Is that Hungry Jacks Billy?

[youtube=https://youtu.be/4aNyTWr8l0o] F*CKING HILARIOUS!!! RONALD WENT OFF!!