This my morning #motivation for my #niggas my #brothers my #sisters

[youtube=] Hearing this brings back memories boy!!! Makes me feel like I’m in my overalls watching the Fresh Prince or riding in the car listen to Earth Wind & Fire with my people. This is Sounds Of Blackness, you barely hear music like this anymore….But the point is my brethren, As long as you keep […]

@JColeNC 2012

[youtube=] This shit Jammin! Whoever did the beat, they went hard on this one! The beat is on point my ears are loving it! Jcole doesn’t disappoint with his tracks!

@SotaBlack Real Live Champ ((Slow))

[youtube=] [youtube=] I like my music slow when I’m in the clouds and I live up here!! I only come down to go to work. If you ever searched for a song with the keyword slow then you’ve heard of @SotaBlack. I never knew shawty was rapping. I’ve been going through her songs and I […]