This my morning #motivation for my #niggas my #brothers my #sisters

Hearing this brings back memories boy!!! Makes me feel like I’m in my overalls watching the Fresh Prince or riding in the car listen to Earth Wind & Fire with my people.
This is Sounds Of Blackness, you barely hear music like this anymore….But the point is my brethren, As long as you keep your head to the sky you can do anything my brethren….It’s on you.
Stay Black Yall

@JColeNC 2012

This shit Jammin! Whoever did the beat, they went hard on this one! The beat is on point my ears are loving it! Jcole doesn’t disappoint with his tracks!

@SotaBlack Real Live Champ ((Slow))

I like my music slow when I’m in the clouds and I live up here!! I only come down to go to work. If you ever searched for a song with the keyword slow then you’ve heard of @SotaBlack. I never knew shawty was rapping. I’ve been going through her songs and I like her shit….a lot. Her songs sound good slowed down or regular too. I know my friends and anybody in the south that listen to Boosie will fuck with this.