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#ZikaVirus #Hoax

#Control by fear! That is False evidence appearing real! The World Health Organization has declared the mosquito borne virus known as Zika an international emergency. Words have power, they move people by the masses. The words virus and emergency cause ones blood to rush especially when used together in the same sentence by big corporation with the title “World Health Organization”. This is followed by vaccines that contain the ACTUAL VIRUS being giving out to the blind fearful innocent which is the goal! DEPOPULATION! They want people to take vaccines DUHHH!! LETS GET WITH IT PEOPLE! DON’T JUST LOOK AT A NEWS HEADLINE & SOAK IT IN! LOOK INTO IT DO SOME RESEARCH! LOOK AT HISTORY NOTICE THE PATTERNS ! GOT DAMN!

Zion Train #Quote @BobMarley

Happy Bearthday to tha ancestor! Damn near everybody and they momma momma MOMMA know who Bob Marley is! But did his music impact you? Have you ever dipped back in time and checked out some of his albums like Uprising, Survival, Babylon by Bus or African Herbsman? I ask this because if you ever listened to songs like “Zion Train” that line “2000 years of history” really makes you interested in what he’s talking about and makes you question what you’ve been exposed to in American to the point where your looking for that 2000 years of history yourself. Go head’ dip back in time, check out Bob’s discography, there is much to be learned through his music as well as the positive vibe that will take over your spirit. One of my favorites that I play on the regular is “Zimbabwe”. What’s your favorite tune by Bob besides “Can you be Loved” or “I shot the sheriff”?

#BlackHistoryMonth #CarterGWoodsin

In school I never heard about this man right here!! Carter G. Woodsin!! We discussed the contributions that african-americans made in america, slavery and were assigned projects, homework in the light of black history month, but we never learned Continue reading




This makes me think of @fatbellybella *Erykah Badu*…”I’d like to dedicate this to all of the creative righteous children.” Are we producing solely for the sake of commerce? Are the things that we’re putting together make our mother earth more appealing for the next occupants? How are our creative messages affecting our people. Our we performing to our fullest potential or are we trying enough just to get by? Are we putting our creative energy to use for something that we are passionate for?


#NguzoSaba #NIA


#NguzoSaba #UJIMA

ANTS! The best example of unity that I’ve seen is from the ants! I’d smash their whole colony, leave; come back the next day & BOOM! Just like that its back just as perfect as it was the previous day. As soon as the destruction occurs that’s the moment the ants begin reconstruction. Each ant carries the burden, each demonstrates the ability to respond to incident accordingly without hesitation. Can we work like ants? Can we take each others problems & get rid of them together? Can we knock down these name brand walls & get this money together to benefit us all?

#NguzoSaba #Kujichagulia

This for my entrepreneurs, the hustlas! If this is the path you wanna go down you need that KUJICHAGULIA! You have to motivate yourself first! You have to figure out how to make you happy! You have to digg deep for self! When the motivation, happiness comes from another its temporary but when it comes from self its FOREVER! & will motivate others when the flesh passes! Find what makes you happy it may be playing basketball, soccer or whatever! If you find yourself down after neglecting the court after a week or two, go play some ball & recharge the KUJICHAGULIA!

#NguzoSaba #Umoja

I never realized how many people have never heard of Kwanzaa due to the fact that my family has been celebrating it since I was a git *little*.I’m making it a effort this time around to memorize the Nguzo Saba (7 principles) of Kwanzaa for myself & anyone else looking to tighten up their knowledge of self or piece together the puzzle that has been dismantled through colonialism. Today is the most important part of the celebration for it is the day of Umoja meaning Unity! GOT DAMN WE NEED THAT! During Kwanzaa we review the year and meditate on how we can improve for the future. So how we can as a people achieve UMOJA!?