The Becoming @iciemusic

Now-a-dayz! Due to capitalism the small thinking box of society determines a man based off how much “MONEY”(fiat debt based illusion currency) one accumulates. You can’t help but see them BILLS in the video! In my perspective this tune voices the frustration of the males around the world on the hamster wheel living under corporate dominance in the debt based economy of the new age of mental slavery. Men get a LOAD of criticism from the women and the effeminized males as well! It’s good to hear a song coming out on the defense!

#IngleWAV @DonDiestrO

Aye as a southern boi I’m loving what’s coming out the #West! Especially INGLEWOOD! This is FUNKY! This got that Chill kick back Cali vibe for real! This is definitively worth ya ears! Gone head’ #pressplay on this one!
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Go Get It @DotDemoMusic Directed By: @Alidope

#DOPENESS !! #PressPlay and watch yo body MOVE!
I just heard this a few months back #Shoutouts to @RedLyteMusic I was on his timeline scrolling when I saw @dotdemomusic Redlyte my peoples so I had to click cuz he cosigned it! Redlyte stay with that #highgrademusic
#Afterthahigh we keeps tha #dopeness high potent for ya EEEEARRSS!!!
Directed by: @Alidope