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I love REGGAE! The sounds the lyrics! This song is helps me stay in TUNE with I & I! I’m talking bout’ me & my higher self! It encourages me to stay consistent with my own daily routine! Remember happiness takes work! For those that don’t know this tune also explains how energy works so listen carefully! & enjoy the edutainment !

Light It Up @pennbannekar


This is one of my favorite tunes here, you can hear them playing this in Leimert Park a lot at the #drumcircle in #Crenshaw out in #California. Everyday we learning, tryna perfect ourselves. So…..I’ve been playing duns and djembe since before I can remember. I grew up around traditional Afrikan drum & dance so naturally my pops got me a small djembe and also had me playing the duns at events. I never really picked up a lot of the names of the rhythms but I can play the tune once I hear it. Learning about the world, history & how we have been separated from our culture to accept the one that has been given to us has watered my tree of appreciation for how I’ve been raised around the tradition. In the current I’m putting forth a effort to memorize the names to the rhythms as well as other rhythms that are new to me in order to preserve & pass down the culture.

"Benefit Never Counterfeit" @mikemartin_6638

This man here takes the grind from the streets to the booth coming out tha #Westside #Oakland #California

"High Off You III" @_Wordsmiff_, @SanaLorraine, @JValentineNYC & @ReQCartier

Your my #Gena to my #Martin…..
This that #vibe
O so soulful brought to you by some of the BEST! Yes I said the best up there in #NewYork! I’m talking bout Req & Wordsmiff bringing substance over OBESE beats & sounds! If i’m wrong send me something better!!
“This that holyshit floating in the golden toilet”! WOOO!! that #goodstank!#potenttunes #highgradetunes
This will be played years n years from now! You can’t do that with alot of what they tryna call music right now! #CLASSIC MI SEH
@_Wordsmiff_, @SanaLorraine, @JValentineNYC & @ReQCartier

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This here is JAAZZY! Go head & #pressplay

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