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The Mountain Sound

Gabriel Picolo

Perspective Sketch


@sikaimusic #Rollin

Directed by @ZoeBoyEntertain

Produced by @KarloCaprice

#Balance @Chox_Mak910 @BuntyBeats @DjYrsJerzy

Jerzy…The Mak these guys come a long way and show me consistency so I went outside put one in the air and I plugged the lappytop into the loud speakers for that official sound. BOI!!! My ears like beats before the lyrics, Buntybeats knows how to cook em up just the way I like it, and Chox comes through the lane and DR Continue reading

Yuup Daat Me! #Aries

by AngelCrusher

@Dj_glamma The Kings and Queen #Mixtape

Miami’s Dj Glamma taking us down memory lane and giving you a little taste of what to expect at the Kings & Queen “Bring back the Love” #Concert.

If you’re not in a position to “Bruk Out” don’t press play. Can’t say we didn’t warn you…

#beenieman #ladysaw #madcobra

@BIGKRIT ThaKritList

BOi!! I L U H not L O V E but BOI!! I LUH this #SouthernSHIT!! why L U H? If you were to hear me talk then you would comprehend! Anyways if you don’t know this is that #Mississippi man #Krit, Big Krit putting it down with these authentic intelligent organized sounds from the south.

@Chox_Mak910 @HennyThaBrain Special Delivery

THis shit go hard like Calculus @theCashmir “#NUMBERS”


Very familiar with them numbers!!!!

@P64Music L.V.O.

#Cold Ass video feel me!! This is straight #art in motion. #shoutouts 2 @CodyGriz tha GRIZ! on the video editing job! #TIGHTWORK TIGHTWORK!! Everybody likes a good story so go check out #PHILADELPHIALOVESTORY


#shoutouts @SKErecords @Qthequestion, @Trelmack,