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This track really reflects the times….great to see this collaboration #pressplay
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Zion Train #Quote @BobMarley

Happy Bearthday to tha ancestor! Damn near everybody and they momma momma MOMMA know who Bob Marley is! But did his music impact you? Have you ever dipped back in time and checked out some of his albums like Uprising, Survival, Babylon by Bus or African Herbsman? I ask this because if you ever listened to songs like “Zion Train” that line “2000 years of history” really makes you interested in what he’s talking about and makes you question what you’ve been exposed to in American to the point where your looking for that 2000 years of history yourself. Go head’ dip back in time, check out Bob’s discography, there is much to be learned through his music as well as the positive vibe that will take over your spirit. One of my favorites that I play on the regular is “Zimbabwe”. What’s your favorite tune by Bob besides “Can you be Loved” or “I shot the¬†sheriff”?

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@BakedPotatoDude EP. 6 "Required Carry"

@BakedPotatoDude EP. 5 "Google Diaper"

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Tell me what you need in your life??

@BakedPotatoDude EP.4 "Catnado"

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Everybody got Roach PROBLEMS!! HA HA!!!!!!!!!!


@nanaritamarley Who Feels It knows It

#Positive #tunes for a positive mind!! Sounds have a big impact on every living thing! “Who Feels it Knows It” #RitaMarley

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