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#Function @cisceroo

*hears music feels electricity smiles grits teeth squints eyes wiggles shoulders shakes head * WOOOOOOOOH!!!! That bih VIBIN” You gon wanna play this here LOOOUD! Make sure ya speakers is on point nah! go head #pressplay

Enough Love #TheReneissanceWoman

Looking round’ on soundcloud…..I aint been on my shit like I’ve supposed to….I gotta take my time tho. We got plenty of that! This track here speaks for me so I aint gotta say much. Self love thats what I’ve been up to. Tighten ME! UP So I can serve yall better!! *Pulls out shovel* YA DIGG!!


#BitterLand @fatbellybella @Nas

This track really reflects the times….great to see this collaboration #pressplay
#nas #erykahbadu

#PE3MOH #EP @JetPackJones

@HandbookYork @Brock_Berrigan @Ruff_Draft @ROOTNOTE_CO

I Am @JetpackJones


"We Beautiful People" @DivineSunsMusic

“A higher purpose beside reciting versus”

#highgradetunes! #ath #afterthahigh

"Warren Buffett" @trelmack, @iamshawnarcher

@BakedPotatoDude EP. 6 "Required Carry"

All Star 8 @DonDiestrO @JetpackJones @TheTrackoholics @DJSWU

This that #VIBE! throw this is yo whip! whateva u whipping even if u whipping the bike like yours truly! Make sure ya SOUND IS ON POINT!!! #PressPLAY #SWISH #KOBE!!