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Your body can #heal itself


#Cartoon Subliminals

After much research and study I comprehend the meaning of this toon.

Let #knowledge drop #2pac #Tupac @Tupac @2pac

If yeen know Pac was a revolutionary with a hit on his head even before he touched the mic because of his affiliation with afeni shakur and the black panthers.

#LetsWork !

Time to uncover the buried lies once again! Get ya knowledge up! All the information is at the tip of your fingertips, the solution for everything is already here! Lets continue to apply it! Lead By Example no need to show and prove, People are nosey if monkey don’t do! monkey wont see! So lets Work Mi Sisthren Lets work Mi Brethren Wipe that cold from ya eyes!

Increase the Vibrations upon the Earth

Food For thought Enjoy the knowledge

Decalcify Your #ThirdEye

African Roots of Mathematics

A little food for thought…

Battle of Puebla and Cinco De Mayo

Getting totally wasted today? I know the fights on today but, have you stopped and ever thought about what actually happened on that day? Your probably thinking; who gives a fuck ! IT’S A CELEBRATION! I used to be the same way until I noticed how much the media started putting so much emphasis on holidays, it just makes me wonder and shit that’s my money I’m spending on a event that didn’t take place here in the first place. But I feel that you should at least know about the history of these events instead of blatantly boosting the profits of companies that don’t do a damn thing for you and me.

Forgotten Empires Ghana, Mali of West Alkebulan Origins of taxes

Aint nothing new under the sun the same this is going on here in the country but on a much more advanced level, you can’t hate thy brother for what you have done to your own. Its a cycle that is coming to a end very soon the clock is ticking.

TWITTER HEAVEN this is my last day on facebook HELL GOODbye! lol