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“Unfriendly Reminder Tour” @BigSean @playboicarti

4 cops 1 unamared male = 3 live 1 dead

Multiple Los angeles police department officials shoot single homeless man on skid row. There is a agenda in place and they want order deriving from kayos. The powers that be put us against each using racial, status, mental and social separation tactics so we don’t come together. It is evident that those in uniform are pawns in this chess game of life serving not the people but the imaginary corporate fictions. Many will see this video and will be influenced by anger to march, protest and as the killings continue in the future even riot. That’s what they want us to do….the best way to protest, riot or influence change is to change your Continue reading

@GuruGangStarr Moment Of Truth

Master of Ceremony! Hip Hop Yo!

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Ever suck dick for #weed?? Didn’t think so!!

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This past weekend me and my lil bro slid down to the ya-yo (Miami) for the Kings & Queens Concert presented by @Urban_Relations featuring Beenie Man, Lady Saw and Mad Cobra. I got a chance to see dancehall’s Continue reading

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Kings & Queen Flyer Front

Kings & Queen Flyer Back

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This some super triiiippy shit!!! *Juicy J voice*

@TRASH_TALK @FlatbushZombies "97.92" – #CONS EP Vol. 1