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The Routine @trelmack @trackslammerz

AYYYEEE #Hustlemusic RIGHT CHEA! THIS SHIT JAMMIN! MAKE SURE YOUR LISTENING DEVICES R ON POINT!! Whip that work 2 this Break down them groceries down 2 this Clock UP them groceries 2 this Bag up them groceries 2 this Bump this in yo whip while u getting them groceries OFF! Watch out 4 them funky ass health inspectors wit them badges THO! “I DO IT! I DO IT”! Continue reading

4 M.E.(My Empire) @DedrickJamaal

The fire is out of control

It’s a lotta shit goin down right now, more and more is coming out the dark and the truth is in your face. Take a deep breath and listen to what I know as “gospel” meaning that *preacher voice* GOOD WORD!!! according to the pastor in one of them church’s I used to go to. That Marley always light that fire and cool you off at the same time especially if you got the blessed herb to complement them good vibes in your ear.

Through the fire of the times make chess moves…. NO CHECKER MOVES DON’T JUMP ON IT! THINK YO! Find the root of the problems today, pick one and they will all lead to the same stem. The BAR Association…
All n all u see a gwan*going* is the fight against the rasta man
So they build their world n great confusion
To force on us the devils
But the stone that the builder refuse
Shall be the head cornerstone,
And no matter what game they play,
Eh, we got something they could never take away;
We got something they could never take away:

And it’s the fire (fire), it’s the fire (fire)
That’s burning down everything:
Feel that fire (fire), the fire (fire);
Only the birds have their wings, yeah!
No time to be deceived.
Oh, brothers, you should
and not believe

Potna Potna @SnooKNaZty @QuitBeingHumble

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Moneyyy @urchrismorris


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Somethin" @NxDxG

Purple Flag @MrTakeYaLady


No words needed! Hear tha #SOOOUL! This shit is #FUNKY! I was on twitter, I pressed played and I AINT HAVE 2 SKIP NOTHING! Dance Music for my people like me that just cant help but #dance!


@TheWurxs Fronts #Freestyle

Dope Freestyle, Everybody is flowing to the beat! Smooth

@SikaiMusic #DrugsinAmerica

Dope Yaah Mean, everybody doing it even if you think your sober, gluten gluing together your insides, chemikills from your local doctor to ease the pain and alcohol to destroy the brain. Sikai all he drops is timeless dope shit that will keep you coming back for that good old feeling just like your local DOCTOR! #produced by @TreadwayHunter