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Perspective Sketch


@sikaimusic #Rollin

Directed by @ZoeBoyEntertain

Produced by @KarloCaprice

@Dj_glamma The Kings and Queen #Mixtape

Miami’s Dj Glamma taking us down memory lane and giving you a little taste of what to expect at the Kings & Queen “Bring back the Love” #Concert.

If you’re not in a position to “Bruk Out” don’t press play. Can’t say we didn’t warn you…

#beenieman #ladysaw #madcobra

@BIGKRIT ThaKritList

BOi!! I L U H not L O V E but BOI!! I LUH this #SouthernSHIT!! why L U H? If you were to hear me talk then you would comprehend! Anyways if you don’t know this is that #Mississippi man #Krit, Big Krit putting it down with these authentic intelligent organized sounds from the south.

@P64Music L.V.O.

#Cold Ass video feel me!! This is straight #art in motion. #shoutouts 2 @CodyGriz tha GRIZ! on the video editing job! #TIGHTWORK TIGHTWORK!! Everybody likes a good story so go check out #PHILADELPHIALOVESTORY


#shoutouts @SKErecords @Qthequestion, @Trelmack,

#HeartOfArtGallery Presents: #Classick #Recap


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@SikaiMusic D.R.U.G.S Still On….

Sikai explained that this particular commercial was created to display the many different emotions and psychological states that come from constant drug abuse. “It’s really about the continuous fight with “the demon” as they say. ”¬† -Sikai

Sikai = Consistency, Quality Music, Brain-boggling lyrics, Karl Malone (#FLOW THAT #DELIVERY)


@Wale @MeekMill Heavens Afternoon

@Wale b spittin that realness over the instruments!!

By Yanadhyana

@missjillscott Slowly Surely

I love it when i pass by a sista’ and I smell that Shea butter on her

I love when I walk up in her house and I smell incense burning with a hint #weed

And I love the vibe when she’s playing something like this up in her crib no tv just music….digg