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Enough Love #TheReneissanceWoman

Looking round’ on soundcloud…..I aint been on my shit like I’ve supposed to….I gotta take my time tho. We got plenty of that! This track here speaks for me so I aint gotta say much. Self love thats what I’ve been up to. Tighten ME! UP So I can serve yall better!! *Pulls out shovel* YA DIGG!!


What I Know Now @MarkAsari

We all wish we could take the knowledge we currently have & start over with it like using cheat codes in a video game!! That aint how it go tho…

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"Mean Street$" @IAMJHART @RichMFNQuick @audibledoctor @NutsoPPM @DavenportGrimes

Just Give It To Me @URChrisMorris

Florida Native Chris Morris, Bra got the chill vibes you can throw in ya ride while you vibe!
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Stay Awhile @iamflygo

@bryantstewart American Pie

tu!#RIPMIKEBROWN #Ferguson #StLouis

@isthatasha #MasterBait

“Don’t talk about what you about to do shit, DO SHIT!”
Nice tape….Smooth…I really enjoyed it. I saw it on instaface(instagram), the person that posted it as a must listen to. This New Jersey devil has that smooth Karl Malone Delivery dropping the lay-up right on the jazzy track giving listeners a window into her life through her lyrics

@chaseaaron_ #Power

I digg that sample from @seal Kiss From A Rose

@itracynicolette #DarkThrills #EP

@Noahmcbeth #Seminole

When was the last time you heard a good track like this??