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"Warren Buffett" @trelmack, @iamshawnarcher

All I Need @trelmack @lexibanksbeats

Tell me what you need in your life??

The Routine @trelmack @trackslammerz

AYYYEEE #Hustlemusic RIGHT CHEA! THIS SHIT JAMMIN! MAKE SURE YOUR LISTENING DEVICES R ON POINT!! Whip that work 2 this Break down them groceries down 2 this Clock UP them groceries 2 this Bag up them groceries 2 this Bump this in yo whip while u getting them groceries OFF! Watch out 4 them funky ass health inspectors wit them badges THO! “I DO IT! I DO IT”! Continue reading


High grade do have you thinkin’ O SO INTELLIGENTLY!!!! Truly a gift from the #mosthigh!

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@BIGKRIT ThaKritList

BOi!! I L U H not L O V E but BOI!! I LUH this #SouthernSHIT!! why L U H? If you were to hear me talk then you would comprehend! Anyways if you don’t know this is that #Mississippi man #Krit, Big Krit putting it down with these authentic intelligent organized sounds from the south.

@Wale @MeekMill Heavens Afternoon

@Wale b spittin that realness over the instruments!!

#DayToday #Europe

 catch up Wiz the man is funny as hell ya know.

What if Money Was No Object?

Something to think about

@chancetherapper #AcidRap

I finally got the chance to check out Acid rap. Its that “FUNK”, that feel good music that sends a chill of electricity down your spine along with a smile on your face. Pusha Man, Cocoa Butter Kisses are a couple of my favorites but this is still a front to back tape for any occasion.

@therealjuicyj #Trippy Tour Part 1 & 2