The #Kemetic Sidereal Calendar

This calendar is based on the 1461 year cycle of the Sirius Star and is renowned for its astronomical accuracy. The Sidereal Calendar is vital for humanity because it presents our astronomical position in time and the Divinities governing that period in time. The calendar is over 50,000 years old. Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, Kemetic (Traditional African) High Priest and founder of The Earth Center, through his research has reproduced the original Sidereal Calendar

Tha Gregorian Calendar

Since the British have dominance over the earth RIGHT NOW! They can and have rearranged damn near everything! Along with flipping the map upside down they have also changed the calendar so long ago if you haven’t thought to question the age of the earth you will ride on the train of thought that time is REAL and the earth has only been around for 2016 years! Question EVERYTHING MY FRIENDS! FUCK HOW YOU’VE KNOWN THESE PEOPLE THAT GIVE DEADUCATION OR RELIGION! MAKE THEM BACK UP AND SUPPORT THEY MAGIC CARPET FLOATING ASS THESIS STATEMENT! 1st there was The Julian calendar brought to you by Julius Caesar in 45 BCE. Then it was changed in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII currently known as The Gregorian Calendar or the Christian Calendar which the majority of the people follow to this day! Time is not real! Digg deep and you will realize there is no beginning or end.