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Aye as a southern boi I’m loving what’s coming out the #West! Especially INGLEWOOD! This is FUNKY! This got that Chill kick back Cali vibe for real! This is definitively worth ya ears! Gone head’ #pressplay on this one!
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Chaos Theory @DivineSunsMusic

tu!#Dopeness #Righteousness!! Consciousness!
Great Album Right here!
This is REAL Hip Hop right CHEA!
Music is a humbling journey.  What starts as a rumbling in your chest or a thought dancing around in your head quickly becomes an all-consuming reality.  It’s not that you want to do it; you absolutely have to do it.  With that love and appreciation for art and music in mind, we present Chaos Theory.
We, the brothers of Divine Suns, invite you to experience the alignment of our respective universes.  Our story dates back to Continue reading “Chaos Theory @DivineSunsMusic”

#HistoryRepeatsItself @whoismarksteele

tu!Boi!! I’m lovin this year! Past couple years bullshit been in my ear! The end of last year really opened up a lot of ears & eyes for REAL music like this that matters and needs to be heard! I got a problem with the HOMELAND CORPORATION (USA) that’s possing as Government, Queen of England’s EARTH CORPORATION, the 14th amendment that was never ratified, the FEDERAL’S promissory debt notes, MONSANTO FDA USDA and I got a problem with #MAINSTREAM #HOMOSEXUAL #GAY #TRANVESTITE #MEDIA pushing their agenda on my younger white, black, etc, brothers and sisters. I got a problem with all that ION FUKK WITH LIERS ESPECIALLY INDIVIDUALS THAT KNOW WHATS GOING ON AND DON’T SAY Continue reading “#HistoryRepeatsItself @whoismarksteele”

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“Don’t talk about what you about to do shit, DO SHIT!”
Nice tape….Smooth…I really enjoyed it. I saw it on instaface(instagram), the person that posted it as a must listen to. This New Jersey devil has that smooth Karl Malone Delivery dropping the lay-up right on the jazzy track giving listeners a window into her life through her lyrics

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You never know who’s walking past you down the street. When’s was the last time you heard some soul? Here’s some funky shit right out the pot from Noah Mcbeth.


No words needed! Hear tha #SOOOUL! This shit is #FUNKY! I was on twitter, I pressed played and I AINT HAVE 2 SKIP NOTHING! Dance Music for my people like me that just cant help but #dance!


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 This tape jammin! *Points at PC screen!!*This here’ is what I calls #HipHop. Capital 6, A group of Six artist’s bringing together diverse styles putting it down for the #SOUTH coming out of #Tallahassee #Florida. I ain’t heard no lyrical shit jammin’ like this coming out of my state in a while! These guys are the @thepharcyde of the #south yo! Maybe better! We’ll see! Time will tell as we rock out into the future. Make sure your sound receiving devices are up to par, roll you up one, hit the bong, press the play button and let that ride.

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@ProdByTalenTed "The Real World: #Toronto"

He might of produced your track he may have sent you some dope tracks..That’s how I know of Talen Ted who has recently re-introduced his self as a rapper as well as a producer. The definition of Gospel that I learned in church means the good word. The direction that I took the definition of this word is a message that motivates you to move in the direction of righteousness. That’s what It means to me *slaps chest twice*. So with that statement, this is how I describe this Album.. It has gospel in it, It gives you that good feeling like when you first heard the college dropout. There’s actually a story to listen to not just punchlines and fancy hooks. This that soulful motivational shit that you can relate to if your really on that grind, feel me!!! #Shoutouts to @JudahAkeem @SpitIMG #legendsgang