This is one of my favorite tunes here, you can hear them playing this in Leimert Park a lot at the #drumcircle in #Crenshaw out in #California. Everyday we learning, tryna perfect ourselves. So…..I’ve been playing duns and djembe since before I can remember. I grew up around traditional Afrikan drum & dance so naturally my pops got me a small djembe and also had me playing the duns at events. I never really picked up a lot of the names of the rhythms but I can play the tune once I hear it. Learning about the world, history & how we have been separated from our culture to accept the one that has been given to us has watered my tree of appreciation for how I’ve been raised around the tradition. In the current I’m putting forth a effort to memorize the names to the rhythms as well as other rhythms that are new to me in order to preserve & pass down the culture.

Divide and Conquer #GeorgeSoros #Blacklivesmatter

What’s your opinion on a 1 world government? No borders, no diverse laws in different parts of the world. Doesn’t sound bad if governments actually served the people but at this point in time I hope you can see that AINT WHATS HAPPENING! One world government is what George Soros is willing to die for. I had to dig into #BLACKLIVESMATTER, once I found out there biggest donor is also the same billionaire that funds other various non profits like PLANNED PARENT HOOD. J Edgar #Hoover infiltrated Marcus Garvey’s UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association), as well as The Black Panthers and other revolutionary groups using projects like COINTELPRO. Doesn’t history make you feel a little suspicious of the groups of today? The name alone #Blacklivesmatter is genius when it comes to marketing because it is extremely controversial in this current era that we’re in. The founders of the organization Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi, and Alicia Garza started the organization to fight anti-Black racism, to spark dialogue among Black people, and to facilitate the types of connections necessary to encourage social action and engagement. According to a interview with Miami News TV , this movement took off on social media after George Zimmerman was acquitted after gunning down Trayvon Martin and was sparked by the frustration of watching blacks being gunned down by police without consequence. Focusing on the black community, through Facebook the founders questioned Continue reading “Divide and Conquer #GeorgeSoros #Blacklivesmatter”

The #Kemetic Sidereal Calendar

This calendar is based on the 1461 year cycle of the Sirius Star and is renowned for its astronomical accuracy. The Sidereal Calendar is vital for humanity because it presents our astronomical position in time and the Divinities governing that period in time. The calendar is over 50,000 years old. Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, Kemetic (Traditional African) High Priest and founder of The Earth Center, through his research has reproduced the original Sidereal Calendar

Tha Gregorian Calendar

Since the British have dominance over the earth RIGHT NOW! They can and have rearranged damn near everything! Along with flipping the map upside down they have also changed the calendar so long ago if you haven’t thought to question the age of the earth you will ride on the train of thought that time is REAL and the earth has only been around for 2016 years! Question EVERYTHING MY FRIENDS! FUCK HOW YOU’VE KNOWN THESE PEOPLE THAT GIVE DEADUCATION OR RELIGION! MAKE THEM BACK UP AND SUPPORT THEY MAGIC CARPET FLOATING ASS THESIS STATEMENT! 1st there was The Julian calendar brought to you by Julius Caesar in 45 BCE. Then it was changed in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII currently known as The Gregorian Calendar or the Christian Calendar which the majority of the people follow to this day! Time is not real! Digg deep and you will realize there is no beginning or end.

#ZikaVirus #Hoax

#Control by fear! That is False evidence appearing real! The World Health Organization has declared the mosquito borne virus known as Zika an international emergency. Words have power, they move people by the masses. The words virus and emergency cause ones blood to rush especially when used together in the same sentence by big corporation with the title “World Health Organization”. This is followed by vaccines that contain the ACTUAL VIRUS being giving out to the blind fearful innocent which is the goal! DEPOPULATION! They want people to take vaccines DUHHH!! LETS GET WITH IT PEOPLE! DON’T JUST LOOK AT A NEWS HEADLINE & SOAK IT IN! LOOK INTO IT DO SOME RESEARCH! LOOK AT HISTORY NOTICE THE PATTERNS ! GOT DAMN!

Zion Train #Quote @BobMarley

Happy Bearthday to tha ancestor! Damn near everybody and they momma momma MOMMA know who Bob Marley is! But did his music impact you? Have you ever dipped back in time and checked out some of his albums like Uprising, Survival, Babylon by Bus or African Herbsman? I ask this because if you ever listened to songs like “Zion Train” that line “2000 years of history” really makes you interested in what he’s talking about and makes you question what you’ve been exposed to in American to the point where your looking for that 2000 years of history yourself. Go head’ dip back in time, check out Bob’s discography, there is much to be learned through his music as well as the positive vibe that will take over your spirit. One of my favorites that I play on the regular is “Zimbabwe”. What’s your favorite tune by Bob besides “Can you be Loved” or “I shot the sheriff”?


This makes me think of @fatbellybella *Erykah Badu*…”I’d like to dedicate this to all of the creative righteous children.” Are we producing solely for the sake of commerce? Are the things that we’re putting together make our mother earth more appealing for the next occupants? How are our creative messages affecting our people. Our we performing to our fullest potential or are we trying enough just to get by? Are we putting our creative energy to use for something that we are passionate for?