Divide and Conquer #GeorgeSoros #Blacklivesmatter

What’s your opinion on a 1 world government? No borders, no diverse laws in different parts of the world. Doesn’t sound bad if governments actually served the people but at this point in time I hope you can see that AINT WHATS HAPPENING! One world government is what George Soros is willing to die for. I had to dig into #BLACKLIVESMATTER, once I found out there biggest donor is also the same billionaire that funds other various non profits like PLANNED PARENT HOOD. J Edgar #Hoover infiltrated Marcus Garvey’s UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association), as well as The Black Panthers and other revolutionary groups using projects like COINTELPRO. Doesn’t history make you feel a little suspicious of the groups of today? The name alone #Blacklivesmatter is genius when it comes to marketing because it is extremely controversial in this current era that we’re in. The founders of the organization Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi, and Alicia Garza started the organization to fight anti-Black racism, to spark dialogue among Black people, and to facilitate the types of connections necessary to encourage social action and engagement. According to a interview with Miami News TV , this movement took off on social media after George Zimmerman was acquitted after gunning down Trayvon Martin and was sparked by the frustration of watching blacks being gunned down by police without consequence. Focusing on the black community, through Facebook the founders questioned how they would ensure that our lives matter that black lives matter so they put a #hastag on the issue and started pushing it. Everything that is happening is for a reason, in the past a lot of police killings were swept under the rug now its in plain sight for the world to see. This is apart of the secret wars with silent weapons, the media playing a big role of the weapon. Turning the world into a stage as they push the buttons of the people world wide triggering emotions through broadcasting selected media as the world watches people slaughtered by their pawn police force similar to the hunger games.  I’m from Florida where a lot of good ol’ boys live and a heap of blacks are killed without making the news, especially in SANFORD! Now when they put it on TV it moved the WORLD emotionally! The media is very powerful tool and the ones that control it wanted the world to see this so they would FEEL a certain type of way. I see the positive in the black live matter movement because the unguided mis-educated labeled “blacks” in america need to wake up and see the system for what it really is. Though their biggest funder George Soros may see this as an opportunity to initiate a race war between the labeled “blacks” and “whites”. Using the #blacklivesmatter movement to divide and conquer the people turning them against each other in order to carry out the depopulation agenda as well as taking more steps towards a world government. The name of the game is divide & conquer. United they the corporations stand and divided We the people fall……black, white, asian or whatever label that you have adopted from the culture thieves. The question is why would George Soros, founder of the Open Society Institute, funder of Planned Parenthood be interested in funding #Blacklivesmatter? Look beyond the chess pieces and see whos moving the pieces. Also ask yaself…….am I a pawn? #Blacklivesmatter so whats next whats the solution??

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