Animal Tail KeyChain


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I’m a ass man I stay looking at some!! This one had a tail on it!! I was like Kool!! Look back at it! Ima snap it cuz I wanna look back at it later!!

Beyonce is so F***ing FINE

Beyonce is so F***ing FINE

Queen Bey shows some skin on the cover of GQ magazine’s February 2013 issue, on newsstands Tuesday (January 15).

The 31-year-old songstress was photographed by famed photographer Terry Richardson for this shoot

It was announced today that Bey will be performing at President Obama‘s inauguration! She will take the stage to belt out the National Anthem on January 21. Super Bowl Beyonce is the half-time performer!

To the Womb of Man

To the Womb of Man in these last days you have equal opportunities but still you are oppressed by the man

Constantly abused by the sword of words but your cries are heard dont worry bout men with the brain of birds

Just let em flock and fly away you are much stronger than that my sister the right one will come some day

Yeen gotta open ya legs up to every one that comes your way

Dont be a potato chip Free 2 Lay cuz you just have one *ha ha*

Got damn you have burger king state of mind

Yo fruit is sweet n so is your mind

so why not have sex with minds before thighs collide

b4 you let him go down yo slide tell fooly there’s rules to THIS PLAYGROUND

Best put ya foot down or he gon’ smash n tell the whole town how he made yo do the moaning sound

And after that he is nowhere to be found

See Valentines is just the day out the year

And its up to you to find that soldier thats gon’ give it to u 365 mind body spirit soul and heart

its more than just sex cuz after that whats next or who

my sister my sisters GOT DAMN I miss yall what happened to the love

desensitized you’ve become one of the bra’s but I need your love to balance me

The Womb of the Man are the roots and MAN are the tree

yea u stand under me but you are the basics without you there couldn’t of been me



dont give in ma’ dont give in cuz now yall call yallselves the slander

Slaying yaself cut the foolishness out of ya life n find the love cuz its closer than you think

its right in front of ya eyes but yet u push em away dont want that skinny nigga wit brains

but ask the brawn’s to stay n let em muscle away til he tired yo ass n find another one as easy u

its a ferris wheel you on the same shit a different day another guy dont wanna stay

aint got no time for yo ass bottle emotions in yo glass jar

steady chasing them fancy cars hanging out with dem same broads feeling empty…………

HAPPY #valentines day yall #WAKE THE FUCK UP


I got that tpain bra im in love with a Twerker @MizzTwerksum

This is better than football, YES I SAID IT! I Found something to look forward to on #thursdays. #TwerkTeamThursday at 6:30 my new dragon ball z watching the battle of the right cheek vs the left.

@MizzTwerksum holla at ya boy you looking damn good in the mirror after that lighting flash at 2:45 when it goes in slow motion.

So many adjectives come to mind……

Twerk Something! Thats just what I tell em too. I love girls that get that #mulababy i especially love have she did it at 1:46 boi….Youtube needs a Like a lot button or a Well Damn button. #Shoutouts 2 the @twerkteam follow that Ass lol BOI boi