#IngleWAV @DonDiestrO

Aye as a southern boi I’m loving what’s coming out the #West! Especially INGLEWOOD! This is FUNKY! This got that Chill kick back Cali vibe for real! This is definitively worth ya ears! Gone head’ #pressplay on this one!
@jetpackjones @shawnchrys @TIUTiny_ #highgradetunes #afterthahigh

Good People @IvProfen

That supa chill 4real THROW THIS IN YO RIDE WHILE U WHIP YO WHEELZ! Make sure them speakers is on POINT YO! THIS IS BASS HEAVY. Coming out that Alabama it’s @IvProfen coming at you with his latest tape “Good People”. Inspired by @CurrenSy_Spitta he has that KOOL flow on top of that southern accent and them jazzy beats that will have ya BOUNCIN! BOUNCE BOUNCE!!!

#Sunday @thenumbersvn

Dopeness! MI SAY!! This is Svn, out of Houston Texas *pumps fists* THAT SOUTH!!!!  This tape is “Sunday” which dropped on easter Sunday earlier this year. The tape highlights his thoughts and motivation while coming up in Houston. This one Riding right chea! This is another example of pimpN in ya ears, that vibe to add to the ride. The beats and vocals synchronize smoothly! The twang on that southern tongue is TIGHT! Everything ON POINT GOOD MUSIC 4 your lobes PEOPLE.
Featured producers Talen Ted, Anthem (aka Audio Anthem) and Eli Myles.
Features from up and coming Houston artist; @therockybanks, @REALTimWoods, @thebobbyearth and etc.

Ventalation @ProdByTalenTed

This got that KOOL 90’s feel to it…make you wanna take a ride while you vibin to the sound. This is Talen Ted and yes he has hella talent from rapping, producing, public relations and other skills as well. This is his latest work, the lyrics on this EP are very personal and shows what he’s currently thinking about….money, being successful and lost love.

#HistoryRepeatsItself @whoismarksteele

tu!Boi!! I’m lovin this year! Past couple years bullshit been in my ear! The end of last year really opened up a lot of ears & eyes for REAL music like this that matters and needs to be heard! I got a problem with the HOMELAND CORPORATION (USA) that’s possing as Government, Queen of England’s EARTH CORPORATION, the 14th amendment that was never ratified, the FEDERAL’S promissory debt notes, MONSANTO FDA USDA and I got a problem with #MAINSTREAM #HOMOSEXUAL #GAY #TRANVESTITE #MEDIA pushing their agenda on my younger white, black, etc, brothers and sisters. I got a problem with all that ION FUKK WITH LIERS ESPECIALLY INDIVIDUALS THAT KNOW WHATS GOING ON AND DON’T SAY Continue reading “#HistoryRepeatsItself @whoismarksteele”