Black Seminoles




We have heard their point of view from their institutions know hear it from our own peoples point of view.
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Minds of Gold Digging with @IAMYRSJERZY

“In tha present, in tha right now September 2015 this expression of how we living through music which we call #HipHop, #Rap and overall music has a big influence on the peoples lives, up from they’re hair style down they’re shoe selection, even on choices they reason to choose whether it be positive or negative. The World Wide Web has given us the ability to communicate with people from all corners of the earth which means THAT U CAN HUSTLE WORLD WIDE! My brethren YRS Jerzy is the ultimate hustla getting it on every avenue. I’ve been watching you progress and expand ever since you first hit my inbox. Congrats to your progression.
Q: Whats your government name? The Jerzy is obvious but what does YRS stand for?
I go by YRS Jerzy pronounced “Why” – “Are” – “Es” Jersey. I’m from Jersey City, New Jersey then relocated to Charlotte where I got the name “Jerzy”. The “YRS” in my name stands for young rich successful it’s a lifestyle I am working towards everyone wants to be rich and successful but there aren’t too many people that want to work for it.
Q: How did you get started in the entertainment biz, What/Who influenced you?
I started around the age of 17 and I just turned 22 so I have been building what I have going on now for a good 4-5 years straight with no games. I’ve been working on a lot in between that time period I am building a brand people are getting more and more familiar with as the days go by. I also started my own touring company for artists I just have a lot going on these days (laughs). I am inspired by people that I see on the grind if I see someone I personally know making moves and getting to the next level that makes me want to go even harder and surpass the competition. I’m just influenced by people that are successful it doesn’t really matter what business your in. I just like to be around success.
Q: Favorite artist & why
Right now my favorite artist is Future every time I listen to his music while I work it makes me just go in and get a lot of work done. His energy is crazy and I just want to be able to collaborate with him one day. I know my time to enter the industry officially is coming and I won’t stop until I reach every goal I’m trying to reach. Future always tells a story that you can feel and through his music you can almost envision how he came up. And for that I feel like that’s why his fanbase supports him like they do.
Q: What were you doing before any of this?
I honestly wasn’t doing much I was just in school and “Chillin”. There came a point in time to where I felt like I needed to do a lot more than what I was doing and from there I just started doing things and organizing everything I was working on and that’s how i built up my contacts. I’m glad I made the choice to really stop going out to parties and all that and start focusing on my future and now that I did that and focused on what I need to get done things are falling into place.
Q: The internet has made it possible for anybody to pick up the mic and record! As s selector of the future influencer’s of the current and upcoming generations of the youth, What are you looking for in artist before you decide to stand behind them and cosign?
I’m just looking for natural talent of you have talent and a good following behind you I will work with you that’s not a question. Artists always send me music and when I get the chance I will personally take time to listen to a couple tracks when I’m not busy. I like artists that also have a good stage presence that’s the key to really taking your brand to the next level. Good music, rising fanbase, and having a good team behind you will always be a plus for me.
Q: You are fresh off your #STAYCONNECTEDTOUR  Whats the details on this. How has it been? Is this your first tour that you’ve set up yourself?
The #StayConnectedTOUR was dope got to show my bro Slide Dillinger how it is to really hit all these states and make these bigger moves. The last tour we did was really only around NY so it was dope to get out to places like New Orleans, Minnesota etc. hitting places we’ve never been to before. Everywhere we go we got the greatest hospitality I just want to thank everyone we met in every city they all made the tour a great experience for us. The #StayConnectedTOUR was actually the 3rd tour i put together this year. There are a lot of artists that want to work with me and my company now that the word is spreading out to several areas.
Q: Any upcoming artists that we should know about??
Definitely look out for my artists Slide Dillinger, NephLon Don the whole 90 Vanguard camp based in Charlotte their making a big wave in the city. There are a lot of artists I deal with Shout out to my people in Madison Wisconsin TrapO is dope Trebino, Rashaun the list goes on and on. There are artists all over that I am really looking forward to working with just stay tuned and keep up with me on social media you can find me anywhere by searching YRS Jerzy.
Q: What advice do you have for those following in your path?
Always stay focused being a up and coming music mogul isn’t easy you want to make sure that you always separate and have a balance of work and play. It is easy to get caught up in a hype of partying but as long as you stay focused and keep distance from those distractions you’ll be good.
This mans hustle is truly immaculate!!!! YRS Jerzy will truly be a house hold name!

@MatthewHeller1 and the Clever • Drone Strike


Folksinger/songwriter Matthew Heller’s self-titled breakthrough album brings together a wide variety of sounds and genres including folk, indie, and grunge. – Girl On The Go PDX
Two beings seem to be competing for Portland singer Matthew Heller’s soul. One is a snarling, “Stick-it-to-the-Man” folk-blues-buzz-rocker who, despite all his rage, is still just slightly less angry than Billy Corgan, although Heller probably has more real reasons for his angst than his multi-platinum counterpart. – Rob Cullivan, The Portland Tribune
Matthew Heller a pianist and songwriter from Portland Or. has gracefully emerged with his self-titled new music release “Matthew Heller” with excellent reviews and eight inspiring songs surrounding his life, family and friends. -Our City Radio dot com
Matthew Heller is one of the more aggressive singer-songwriters to ever come upon the music scene. And yet for all his anti-establishment candor, “Girl Into a Rose” has the chops to emerge as a hit single, notable for its Billy Joel-skewed, piano-driven storytelling seasoned with a Gavin DeGraw quirk. Elsewhere is ‘Wicked Son’, an acid-blues rocker that can give Neil Young a run for his money in any decade. –Mark Morton
Heller has created a brand of angsty, thrashingly soulful folk-rock that is entirely his own. -Alec Cunningham, BLANK magazine

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