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Folksinger/songwriter Matthew Heller’s self-titled breakthrough album brings together a wide variety of sounds and genres including folk, indie, and grunge. – Girl On The Go PDX
Two beings seem to be competing for Portland singer Matthew Heller’s soul. One is a snarling, “Stick-it-to-the-Man” folk-blues-buzz-rocker who, despite all his rage, is still just slightly less angry than Billy Corgan, although Heller probably has more real reasons for his angst than his multi-platinum counterpart. – Rob Cullivan, The Portland Tribune
Matthew Heller a pianist and songwriter from Portland Or. has gracefully emerged with his self-titled new music release “Matthew Heller” with excellent reviews and eight inspiring songs surrounding his life, family and friends. -Our City Radio dot com
Matthew Heller is one of the more aggressive singer-songwriters to ever come upon the music scene. And yet for all his anti-establishment candor, “Girl Into a Rose” has the chops to emerge as a hit single, notable for its Billy Joel-skewed, piano-driven storytelling seasoned with a Gavin DeGraw quirk. Elsewhere is ‘Wicked Son’, an acid-blues rocker that can give Neil Young a run for his money in any decade. –Mark Morton
Heller has created a brand of angsty, thrashingly soulful folk-rock that is entirely his own. -Alec Cunningham, BLANK magazine

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