#NguzoSaba #UJIMA

ANTS! The best example of unity that I’ve seen is from the ants! I’d smash their whole colony, leave; come back the next day & BOOM! Just like that its back just as perfect as it was the previous day. As soon as the destruction occurs that’s the moment the ants begin reconstruction. Each ant carries the burden, each demonstrates the ability to respond to incident accordingly without hesitation. Can we work like ants? Can we take each others problems & get rid of them together? Can we knock down these name brand walls & get this money together to benefit us all?

#NguzoSaba #Kujichagulia

This for my entrepreneurs, the hustlas! If this is the path you wanna go down you need that KUJICHAGULIA! You have to motivate yourself first! You have to figure out how to make you happy! You have to digg deep for self! When the motivation, happiness comes from another its temporary but when it comes from self its FOREVER! & will motivate others when the flesh passes! Find what makes you happy it may be playing basketball, soccer or whatever! If you find yourself down after neglecting the court after a week or two, go play some ball & recharge the KUJICHAGULIA!

#NguzoSaba #Umoja

I never realized how many people have never heard of Kwanzaa due to the fact that my family has been celebrating it since I was a git *little*.I’m making it a effort this time around to memorize the Nguzo Saba (7 principles) of Kwanzaa for myself & anyone else looking to tighten up their knowledge of self or piece together the puzzle that has been dismantled through colonialism. Today is the most important part of the celebration for it is the day of Umoja meaning Unity! GOT DAMN WE NEED THAT! During Kwanzaa we review the year and meditate on how we can improve for the future. So how we can as a people achieve UMOJA!?