WeWood Jupiter Army Watch


100% Natural Wood • Hypo-allergenic • Completely free of toxic chemicals • FEATURES TWO Miyota movements • Adjustable to fit most any wrist • Dimensions: Band: 8 1/4” (220 mm) FACE (including wood frame / bezel): 1 5/8″ (41 mm) X 2″ (51 mm) across, and 1/2″ (12.75 mm) thick

Animal Tail KeyChain


IMG_1996 IMG_1998

I’m a ass man I stay looking at some!! This one had a tail on it!! I was like Kool!! Look back at it! Ima snap it cuz I wanna look back at it later!!

At least they let you know they’re trying to kill you



While passing by American Apparel I noticed the warning sign. That shit crazy; YOU MEAN IF I WEAR THIS IMA GET CANCER NIQQA!! ** @Katt Williams voice ** and them clothes still flying out the store. What don’t cause cancer these days O_o And the messed up part aint that their clothes cause cancer it’s the fact that your buying a disease!!! I mean Got Damn!! I thought it was free to die!!