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There was once a time when #HipHop was not widely popular. Since it was only available in limited markets and under crazy time slots; fans became musical survivalists equipped with backpacks and cassette tapes, hell-bent on capturing any stray musical morsel falling to the ground. At the crossroads of Franz Kafka and Nathaniel Hawthorne, Divine Suns document the evolution of the emcee and their unyielding commitment to the craft.

Chaos Theory @DivineSunsMusic

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Music is a humbling journey.  What starts as a rumbling in your chest or a thought dancing around in your head quickly becomes an all-consuming reality.  It’s not that you want to do it; you absolutely have to do it.  With that love and appreciation for art and music in mind, we present Chaos Theory.
We, the brothers of Divine Suns, invite you to experience the alignment of our respective universes.  Our story dates back to Continue reading “Chaos Theory @DivineSunsMusic”