TIMBUKTU the Origins of books, education, trade, expedition and the discovery of america

This is our story which is being rewritten with the depressing stories of our time in America. So enough with Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and all the others, you know that knowledge already; they were used as examples of what happens to those who rebel against the government as well John F.Kennedy because it’s not a racial battle anymore it’s all about the unplayable debt. Do more research on the West this is MY AFRIKAN HISTORY MONTH YA DIGG AND  IF YOU DON’T I’LL BUY YOU A SHOVEL GOT DAMN.

You know His-story whats up with Our-story tholike?

Enough African American history Lets take it back to ALKEBULAN. First off We have to look at the Roots for example who was the continent of Africa named after? According to my sources the continent which was constantly being dominated and taken over was renamed many times by the Romans from Ethiopia to Corphye, Ortegia, Libya and lastly to Africa. If you haven’t guessed it  by now know that the Romans did this to constantly confuse and disconnect the Afrikans from their culture. The same has been going on in America with the depressing stories of the Afrikans in America. All the names have the same meaning  “the mother of mankind”, “garden of eden or  as the Romans called it the land of the blacks but the oldest name was ALKEBU-LAN.

Heres some food for thought from Master Teacher Ashra Kwesi

Dont take my word for it do your research check out my sources below ask your elders and FUCKING READ, I add the Fucking in the sentence so ignorant eyes can see.

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