@MrTakeYaLady #CoolBreeze

Keeping you guys updated with my “Patna Dem” Cool Breeze from my hometown Apopka Florida, putting down them vocals and lyrics that make that head knock or the bed frame rock.

@MrTakeYaLady Bout it

This my nigga breeze aka @Mrtakeyalady putting it down for South Apopka all day with the slow jam. Make sure your speakers are on point for this bass heavy slow jam that hits hard but feels so good when it hits your ears.

#shoutouts 2 my round from the hometown #shoutouts 2 Apopka, South Apopka, Orlando, Altamonte, Crime Hills, Ocoee.

#SouthAPK’s @MrTakeYaLady

#Shoutouts to the homey, This guy would be free-styling right before we had to run the 4×4 at the the track meet! Good times!!!
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@SotaBlack Real Live Champ ((Slow))

I like my music slow when I’m in the clouds and I live up here!! I only come down to go to work. If you ever searched for a song with the keyword slow then you’ve heard of @SotaBlack. I never knew shawty was rapping. I’ve been going through her songs and I like her shit….a lot. Her songs sound good slowed down or regular too. I know my friends and anybody in the south that listen to Boosie will fuck with this.