#Balance @Chox_Mak910 @BuntyBeats @DjYrsJerzy

Jerzy…The Mak these guys come a long way and show me consistency so I went outside put one in the air and I plugged the lappytop into the loud speakers for that official sound. BOI!!! My ears like beats before the lyrics, Buntybeats knows how to cook em up just the way I like it, and Chox comes through the lane and DROPS IT IN THE BASKET!! With that #KarlMalone ! That’s what ya country boy yours truly calls that Delivery ya hearing me?! So Number 5 is banging but I’m in luv with number 10’s bound. It has to be the sample that I’m diggin…It MUST BE THE SAMPLE!!! I recommend tracks 3,5,10 and 11 for the rest you gotta check yourself. Check out your boy Chox Mak with the 90’s flow, give him a listen, coming out of North Cackalacky if you’ve be missing. BUT YOUR HERE NOW!! Get to know the artist through the stories of his songs.

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