So I got a Upgrade from the blackberry yesterday at the sprint store. I had the Iphone 4 when it came out also and its basically the same phone just faster and the Siri can understand you a little better or maybe Siri can’t understand me.. Anyways I put it on craigslist this morning for a stack ($1000), just recently I got a call from somebody that sounded like a depressed white guy. He was like I only got 250 and a bunch of stuff that I can trade me *holds phone in the air away from mouth and chuckles* So I was like what you got?? He told me in a voice that sounded as if he begging for food that he had a couple of Evos and some other shit…The thing that made me laugh while he was on the phone was when I was like “Maaaan I really just want the cash” then dude said “its not for me its for my nephew man; When he said that I was laughing like what your nephew need the latest phone that just came out for talking about hard times !! Either you got it  or you don’t if you want it go and get it!! sounds simple right lol I got mines!!!!

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